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Electric Billboard lighting is expensive. Traditional billboard lights require immense up-front, and long-term operating costs. For instance, to install a traditional billboard lighting system, you will have to pay for the lighting fixtures, the wiring, the electrical connection, the electrical materials, trenching and relandscaping the cable from the sign to the nearest power transformer. You will also have to pay every month for the electricity that you use to light the sign each night. Solar billboard light, on the other hand, is extremely affordable, with very low up-front costs, and zero operating costs. With a solar billboard light, your only up-front costs are the costs of the system (materials). Within just a few years, the solar billboard light will have saved you enough money (in up-front and residual costs) to have completely paid for itself. From that point on, every penny that you make from renting space on your billboards with solar billboard lights will go directly to your bottom line and increase your profitability.